Market America Start Up Costs

As a Market America UnFranchise owner, I have consulted with hundreds of people who were considering becoming a Market America UnFranchise business owner. One of the first, questions that people ask is “What does it cost to register my business?”.  This is a very important questions and I am happy to share the answer here.  Below, you will find details about the one-time start up costs as well as ongoing costs and commitments to maintain your Market America UnFranchise.

Fast Start Kit or Starter Kit:

Most people register their business to become an independent distributor with one of four Market America Fast Start Kits for $449.95+tax.
These kits include the annual subscription and will allow you to start your business with your commission banks already opened.
Each kit is designed to provide a selection of products relevant to one of our billion dollar segments. The choices include Health and Nutrition and Personal Care, Cosmetics, Weight Management, or Web Center. Each kit also includes business building tools such as product catalogs, Getting Started Guides, and Annual Reports.

If you do not have the necessary funds to register your business with the Fast Start Program Kit, you may consider a Starter Kits for $169.95 plus tax. When you start with this option you will earn retail profit immediately for any products that you sell. However, your commission banks will not be open until you qualify your business with orders totaling 200 BV (commission points) of product. There are certain cases where it makes sense to register in this way. It is important to discuss your goals first to determine which option is best for you.

Sales Volume Requirements:

Quarterly Volume Requirement - Distributors and Sales Reps are required to order/sell $200 (retail) of products each quarter to remain in good standing.

Ongoing Expenses:

Unfranchise Management System (UFMS) - $21.95 per month
This is your online back-office. It is the software that allows you to manage and monitor your business. The first 2 months of UFMS are included with each Fast Start or Starter Kit. UFMS is required if you wish to keep our commission banks open from month-to-month.

Annual Subscription Renewal - $119.95 per year
This occurs every year on your anniversary month as a Distributor. It is a renewal of the initial subscription that was included in the Fast Start Kit or Starter Kit.

Unfranchise Auto-Ship:

Unfranchise Autoship - The Unfranchise Autoship is a monthly order that ensures you meet the requirements to keep our commission banks open from month-to-month. The products in your Unfranchise Autoship may be counted toward the quarterly volume requirement. These are products that you purchase at wholesale to sell to customers or to use in your household or business.

The Unfranchise Autoship typically begins in the third month. As your business income grows, the amount increases based on the following guidelines:

  • New Owner: 50 Business Volume (BV); 10 Internet Business Volume (IBV); UFMS = approx. $105 USD.
  • After $300 in commissions: 100 BV; 10 Internet Business Volume (IBV); UFMS = approx. $185 USD
  • After $1,500 in commissions: 150 BV; 10 Internet Business Volume (IBV); UFMS = approx. $260 USD
  • The amount will never increase again after that.

Please Note: Your Unfranchise Autoship may include products from any of our product categories: health and nutrition, weight management, personal care, pet health, auto care, home and garden, and more.

Your Unfranchise Autoship should not cost money that you are not already spending. You may simply replace retail products that you are already buying, for your household or business, with our brands. You may change the products in your order every month so just be sure to plan your order based on what you already need. The benefit to you is that you get to purchase equal or better products at distributor cost. If you have any questions about this I will be very happy to explain it in more detail.

Required Training:

  • New Distributor Training ($5 online) – in your first 30 days
  • Basic 5 ($5 online) – in your first 30 days
  • ECCT ($50 in person) – within 28 days of earning your first $1500 in commissions

Strongly Recommended Training:

  • Local Seminar in your area (Quarterly) – Tickets are $30 for 1 day
  • International Convention in Greensboro, NC (August) – Tickets are $250 USD for 4 days of training
  • Leadership School  in Miami, FL (March) – Tickets are $250 USD for 3 full days of training

The Strongly Recommended training should be considered required if you are serious about building your business. Attending Local Seminars, International Convention, and Leadership School are part of the proven business plan. Training is a key to your success.


If you are already working with another independent distributor, do not use the button below.
Please ask them for help in registering your business.

If you are not working with somebody else, please contact me with additional questions or for help in getting started.

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