The Motives Cosmetics Pro Artist Program

The Motives Pro Artist Program is designed to allow beauty industry professionals (makeup artists, salons, performer/on-air talent, fashion stylists, costume designer, or photographers) to use Motives products with their clientele and to monetize their product referrals. If you are referring your customers to somebody's counter and not getting paid for that referral, then you are leaving money on the table. The Motives Pro Artist Program can help.

Beauty industry professional in the United States or Canada are likely eligible to partner with Motives Cosmetics through the Motives Pro Artist Program. For $40/year you get your own Motives Pro Artist web site so that your business is open 24/7. You are also able to purchase Motives Cosmetics products at distributor cost and sell them to your clients/customers at suggested retail. There are no sales volume requirements or minimum orders.

The Motives Pro Artist program is only open to industry professionals. It is necessary to provide professional identification and documentation to be qualified for the program:

Please provide the following with the submission of your application:

  1. A copy of your photo identification
  2. Two pieces of professional documentation. Acceptable professional documentation includes:
    1. a composite card,
    2. business card with your name and profession,
    3. your editorial page with your name credit,
    4. your union card,
    5. your head shot and resume,
    6. your professional license,
    7. your diploma/professional certificate,
    8. publication masthead,
    9. program/press materials with your name,
    10. your contract on production company letterhead,
    11. crew/call list on production company letterhead,
    12. or a professional employment letter of reference.
  3. An example of your work

All identification, documentation, and examples of work submitted must be current and must indicate your name and profession. Please do not send us original identification or documentation. This information will not be returned to you. Motives Pro Artist reserves the right to require additional professional documentation at any time or to reject your application for any reason or no reason.

The Motives Pro Artist Application and documentation, listed above, should be mailed to:

Motives Pro Artist Program
1302 Pleasant Ridge Rd.
Greensboro, NC 27409

I would be very happy to answer any questions that you have about the program, distributorship opportunity, or products and assist you in the application process.

If you are already working with another independent distributor, please contact them to learn more about the Motives Pro Artist Program.

If not, please contact me with additional questions or for help in getting started.

Download the Motives Pro Artist Application