Market America: First 30 Days

Congratulations on registering your business with Market America and becoming an UnFranchise Owner (UFO). Now that you've completed the first steps to establish your business, here are some very important Next Steps to be completed in your first month.

Your business registration includes a Career Manual and a Getting Started Guide. The Career Manual lays out all the rules for building your UnFranchise Business and the Getting Started Guide is your outline for success. You should definitely read through the Career Manual over the course of a few weeks. You'll want to sit down with your senior business partner to begin going over the Getting Started Guide.

Your First 30 Days:

You should complete these steps as soon as possible after registering your business. They are all important steps in the proven business plan.

  • Download the Getting Started Guide and make appointment(s) with your senior business partner to go over it.

  • Order tickets for your upcoming Local Seminar and the next Leadership School or International Convention.

    You have just bought into a proven business system and attending these big events, with guests, is a very important part of that system. If your goal is to develop a strong business generating residual income with Market America then these big training are not optional. Additionally, having possession of these tickets is a symbol, for you and your senior business partner, of your commitment to build the business.

    Speak to your senior business partner about getting tickets to these events first as they often order extra tickets. If they do not have tickets available for you they can help you to order them from the local area or in your back office.

    Learn more about the types of training that are available by visiting the Market America Events site.

  • Required Training: The following training should be completed in your first 30 days.

    • New UnFranchise Owner Training (NUOT)
    • Basic 5 (B5)

  • Understand WHY you registered your business with Market America. It is important to identify a strong reason WHY you are doing this so that you can refer back to that reason if you encounter any difficulties.

  • Develop an answer to "What Is It?". It is important to have a short answer to describe the business when the topic comes up in conversation. This answer will be unique for each person, based upon factors such as which product category you are specializing in. There are some common themes, however. This is a topic that you may explore with your senior business partner.

  • Create your Names List of at least 100 or more people that you know. This is not necessarily a list of people that you think might become business partners - it is just a list of everybody that you know. The contacts list in your mobile phone is a great source for this list.

  • Create your Goals and a Goal Statement including a Plan of Action to achieve those goals. You should write them out and read them every morning and every night.

  • Conduct your first Home Business Presentation, Product Preview and/or Portal Overview.


Commit to the Success Playbook:


Please contact your senior business partner for help in getting started.