Market America: Back Office

Congratulations on registering your business with Market America and becoming an UnFranchise Owner (UFO). Now that you've completed the first steps to establish your business, here are some very important Next Steps to complete setting up your back office at

You should be able to complete most of these steps on your own. Do not be afraid, however, to ask for help from your senior business partners. Rest assured that you are not inconveniencing us when you ask for guidance. You are our new business partner and we have a vested interest in your success.


Set Up Your Back Office:

  • Log on to using your Rep ID and temporary password. You'll be able to use your email address, in place of Rep ID, after it has been verified.

    • Change your password.
      UFBA > My Account > Account Settings > Change Password

    • Enter your banking information for where you would like your commission and retail profits direct deposited.
      UFBA > My Account > Account Settings > Direct Deposit

    • Opt-In to Auto Renewal. This will occur in a year, on the first of the month you registered. If you opt out of Auto Annual Renewal then you'll need to renew each year by paper which may put your business and accures commission points at risk.
      UFBA > My Account > Account Settings > Auto Renewal Options

    • Subscribe to text and email notification and newsletters.
      UFBA > My Account > Account Settings > Notification Preferences

    • Check the date of your first UnFranchise AutoShip and add this to your calendar. You are responsible for managing your own AutoShips. You have until midnight EST on the Friday before that date to make any changes to what products will ship to you. Be sure that you do not remove code UFMS from this order.
      UFBA > Ordering > UnFranchise AutoShip

  • Customize your SHOP.COM and other web sites.
    UFBA > My Account > My Services > Website Admin

    You'll want to go through the settings for your personal,,,, and sites to ensure they present your name contact information correctly according to your wishes.

  • Order or Register for Required Training.

    You should order the New UnFranchise Owner Training (NUOT) and the the Basic 5 (B5) in your back office. Alternately, you could take these courses in person. Both courses are required during the first 30 days after you register your business. The online courses are only $5.00.

    You should also look up the next Executive Coordinator Certification Training and plan to attend. This class is not required until 28 days of completing the full commission cycle for the first time but it is a good idea to take it early if you can.

    • New UnFranchise Owner Training (NUOT)
    • Basic 5 (B5)
    • Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT)

    To order online courses:
    UFBA > Help & Training > Online Training > Course Catalog

    To look up and register for live training using the Global Meeting Training and Seminar System (GMTSS):
    UFBA > Help & Training > GMTSS > Meeting Search

  • Look Up and Register for University Major Trainings
    UFBA > Help & Training > GMTSS > Meeting Search

  • Learn to place orders for yourself and for customers.
    UFBA > Ordering > Order Products

  • Learn to register Preferred Customers.
    UFBA > My Customers > Create a New Customer

  • Learn to create a manual Sales Receipt Entry.
    UFBA > My Customers > Sales Receipt Entry

  • Learn how to read management reports including Detailed Sales and Shopping Annuity Bonus Program (SABP) report.
    UFBA > My Organization > Reports > Management

  • Learn about online forms including Form 1000 and UnFranchise AutoShip.

  • Install the UnFranchise Media App to your mobile devices.
    Like a franchise, Market America provides systemization, standardization, state-of-the-art management systems, merchandising and marketing tools, to grow visibility. This mobile app gives you access to a curated list of the top training audio available about building your Market America business.

    UFBA > Ordering > Apps and Features Center > UnFranchise Media App

  • Install ShopBuddy on all of your desktop web browsers.
    ShopBuddy. Get alerts on coupons & deals plus earn Cashback. This will change the way you shop. Find great deals on your favorite stores, products and brands always be earning cashback. ShopBuddy will ensure that you always earn Cashback from our partner stores when you shop online.


Please contact your senior business partner for help in getting started.